PillSuppliers Security Policies- Safe & secure

Security will always be a first priority for PillSuppliers.com. Our website is safeguarded by leading edge security measures, and we do our utmost to keep your data secure, and ensure. Your details will never be revealed to any third party for any reason. We are committed to updating our security measures regularly to maintain the highest levels of security against emerging and advanced threats.

We have introduced Secure Sockets Layer encrpytion to safeguard every transaction from interception at every stage of the process. All sensitive customer data is encrypted by SSL during its transfer to Visa, and we protect the collection and transmission of all payment information throughout the transaction using 3DSecure/Verified by Visa compliant payment processing. This follows the latest security methodologies to protect the transactioning stage process from any online security breaches.

We never collect information about our customers' credit card details, and we have selected our PCI-compliant payment processing partner only after being fully assured of their security measures. We always seek to deploy the latest transparent measures to protect against data leaks for our customers' peace of mind.


PillSuppliers.com is an internet pharmacy which offered generic medical products manufactured by companies. We are not selling medical drugs manufactured by Pfizer Company. The medications available on this site are safe but we always suggest you to use drugs after prescription. It is necessary to always follow guidelines as suggested by doctors along with dosage including usage of the drug. All the information including content on PillSupliers.com is only for informational purpose and never considered as medical advice. The customers are solely responsible in case of health problems and side effects after the intake of generic drugs sold by this pharmacy. The prices of medications sold buy Pillsuppliers.com are cheap because we directly deal with manufacturers.