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At, we value our customers. We understand how hard you, our customers work to earn the money that enables you to do business with us. As such, we’ve invested heavily in offering you the best service possible when it comes to your orders. We’ve formulated a refund policy, which is a true reflection of our commitment to guaranteeing your satisfaction. With the refund policy, you (our customer) are guaranteed to receive your product in time, and in the state you ordered it, or else receive a refund for the order you made. At, every detail is important to us, especially on matters customer order. We provide end-end monitoring of the customer order; medicine quality assurance, packaging, and eventual shipping.

Terms and conditions for Refunds and Reshipment

1. In case you receive a different product from what you ordered, you may demand that your product is reshipped, or you receive a refund. Reshipping will not cost you any penny.

2. You can demand a reshipping of your product or a refund in case you receive a damaged product. For a refund or reship to happen, or its representatives need to be at fault upon conclusion of investigation on the cause of damage to the product.

3. In case there's a delay of delivery of the ordered product beyond the specified time, you may ask for a reshipment, or refund, subject to the conclusion of an investigation into the cause of the delay, with a verdict that the fault lies with Your refund amount shall be based on the method of shipment payment used in the transaction.

4. For orders shipped via the express shipment means, we offer to track. In case this is your selected means of shipment and you experience a delay, you need to contact our team and ask to account for your order. In case it’s proved that PILLSUPPLIERS is to blame for the delay, you shall be free to ask for a free reshipment of your package, or demand for a refund. Important to note: when claiming a refund, you are required to give the order number for your claim to be processed.

5. It’s only the initial buyer’s credit bank account that’s eligible to receive the refund money.

6. It shall take 10-15 days for the refund details to reflect in the buyer’s credit bank account statement.

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