Modafinil: The cure for sleeping disorders

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Modafinil is a prescription medication used for the treatment of sleep disorders. Sleep disorder is a medical condition that interferes with sleeping patterns. If not treated, this condition could disrupt our social, mental, physical and even emotional functioning. Modafinil drug is both a wakefulness- promoting agent and a cognition-enhancing agent. As a wakefulness promoting agent it assists in improving alertness and wakefulness. Moreover, it helps counteract fatigue. On the other hand, as a cognition-enhancing agent, the drug assists in improving cognitive functions. For instance, motivation, control of behavior, creativity etc. Modafinil is one of the best cures for patients suffering from sleep disorder conditions. You can also try Armodafinil 150mg for sleep issues.

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How to use Modafinil

Modafinil 200mg is used to treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Insomnia, shift work sleep disorders, narcolepsy among others. First, it is key to check with your doctor before using modafinil. Don't take large or small amounts of it because it can be harmful to your health. Take the drug strictly as advised by the doctor and within the time frame a doctor prescribes for you. Second, Keep the medication in a safe place where others cannot easily reach as it is not advisable to share it with someone else. Third, take modafinil each morning to prevent daytime sickness, or 1 hour before the start of a work shift to avoid sleeping at work. It is highly recommended that you take online Modafinil on an empty stomach. Lastly, continually remember to store the medication at room temperature.

Sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea can be treated by modafinil alongside a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP). The machine is best used during sleeping hours. A combination of these is considered the best to treat such medical conditions.

Dosage information

It is crucial to carefully read and understand the doctor's prescription to make sure you are taking the drug well.

Dosage in obstructive sleep

The correct recommended dosage for patients with this kind of disorder is 200mg orally once a day in the morning.

Dosage for patients with shift disorder

You are advised to take 200mg of modafinil an hour before starting your shift. Take this orally one time daily.

Usually, a dosage of 200mg modafinil will change depending on how the doctor advises or the age of the patient. The dosage will also be based on the patient's condition and their response to the drug. The drug should be taken in minimal amounts to minimize the side effects.

Benefits of modafinil

Taking this drug has a lot of benefits to the patient. These benefits include:

• Improved cognition and wakefulness especially if taken in the morning.

• Improved focus and productivity particularly if taken before beginning a work shift for patients suffering from narcolepsy.

• Increased cognition functions as taking this medication activates your neurons thus leading to improved creativity.

Where to buy Modafinil

Although this medication has been proven to be helpful, you hardly get it in any pharmacies or other drug stores. You will only find Modafinil alternatives being sold in these stores. This is because they have not been authorized to be sold over the counter. For this reason, they are only largely purchased online. However, the only way you can purchase this drug legally over the counter is if you have a doctor's prescription indicating that you are suffering from the sleeping disorder. Cheap modafinil online nevertheless you have to be careful and certain that you purchase it from a reputable vendor.

Safety information

As much as it treats such conditions, taking modafinil (Provigil) without prescription is very harmful. It is important to note that this drug should not be taken if you are suffering from the following:

• Chest pains

• Liver or kidney problems

• Drug addiction history

• Heart problems

• History of mental illness

• Allergic to modafinil.

It is also recommended that you see the doctor in case you miss your dosage or in cases of an overdose.

Symptoms of an overdose are:-

• Increased blood pressure.

• Trouble with sleeping

• Extreme excitement.

Interaction with other drugs

As mentioned above, modafinil can be used alongside other treatment such as the use of the CPAP machine. It is always vital to note and remember that taking this drug interacts very well with other drugs. Modafinil works perfectly with other over the counter medicines that are genuinely prescribed by a qualified doctor. Besides just doing well with other over the counter medicines, they also interact well with herbal medicines and drugs with vitamin supplements.

Possible side effects of Modafinil

Just like any other drug modafinil also has its disadvantages. The side effects of Modafinil 200mg can be minor or major. Whether taken as prescribed or in excess the medication has the following side effects.

Minor effects of using modafinil

Some are more common whereas others are not. These ones don't necessarily need medical attention because slowly by slowly the body will get used to the drug hence reducing the effects. However, it is key to note that you should see a doctor once they start worsening. Your doctor or care health professional is always in a better position to assist you in advising you reducing the effects. They include:

• Anxiety

• Headache

• Nausea

• Backache

• Diarrhea

• Indigestion


• Dryness of the skin

Major effects of using modafinil

In case you experience the following side effects, make sure you see your health care professional at once.

• Dizziness

• Chest pain

• Mental depression

• Sore throat

• Problems with memory

• Uncontrolled movement of face and mouth

• Unusual bleeding

• Confusion

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