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Kamagra is a drug that contains an active ingredient called Sildenafil citrate. It is often sold in a soft tablet or jelly form. The Kamagra soft tabs form makes it easy for a person to ingest. The jelly is also consumed through the mouth. It comes in a variety of edible fruit and confectionery flavors. The pill, jelly and soft tabs forms work in the same way. This particular substance comes from India and has a cheaper price than Viagra, Generic Cialis or Levitra. All erectile dysfunction medications must be ordered by a physician. However, people can buy cheap Kamagra soft tabs online. Prices of soft Kamagra will vary by seller.

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Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate Brand Name : Kamagra Soft Tabs Price : $ 1.17
Strength(s) : 100 mg Expiry : 2025 Delivery : 7 - 15 Days

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Action Mechanism of Kamagra Soft Tabs

This particular drug is designed to improve a man's erection by inhibiting an enzyme that interferes with blood flow to a man's penis. Once this enzyme has been halted, blood flow starts to kick in again and a man can have an erection. This is an oversimplified explanation of how this drug works. Remember that Kamagra relaxes the muscles in a man's penis allowing the blood to flow more freely. 

Kamagra Soft Tablet Dosages

Kamagra soft tablet dosages are normally administered in 50mg or 100mg. Most consumers can purchase online Kamagra soft pills in the 100mg dosage form. This is considered a very high dosage for erectile dysfunction and it provides more than enough medicine to keep a man's penis erect for a very long time. It is recommended that men start off with the lower 50mg dosage before trying out the 100mg dosage. 

Kamagra Soft Tabs Benefits

Kamagra soft tablets provide the following benefits listed below:

• They keep a man erect and ready for sexual pleasure.

• This substance helps to improve a man's esteem and social life. This is because he no longer has to fear to be intimate inside of a relationship.

• Online Kamagra soft tabs can also do away with psychological barriers that men with erectile dysfunction tend to experience.

• This substance is cheaper than brand Viagra.

• A man with erectile dysfunction can now improve the quality of his love life and relationship with the use of this medication.

Kamagra Soft Tab Precautions

While Kamagra is a great drug for alleviating the condition of erectile dysfunction; this particular medication should not be taken by everyone. The information listed below will provide an outline for people who should not take this substance.

• People who experience chest pain or heart problems should not take this drug. This is especially true for individuals on medications such as nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate and isosorbide mononitrate. The reason a person should not take Kamagra with a nitrate type drug is because it can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure.

• Men who had a stroke, heart attack or experienced congestive heart failure within the last year should not take this medication.

• Individuals with high or low blood pressure should avoid this medication.

• If a male is experiencing the conditions of liver or kidney disease they should not take Kamagra.

• Kamagra is not for people with blood cell disorders such as sickle cell anemia.

• People with bleeding disorders or stomach ulcers should avoid this substance.

• Anyone that has a physical deformity of their penis should avoid it as well.

• People that have retinitis pigmentosa (a condition of the eye) should avoid Kamagra and its forms.

• Men that have been warned against having sexual intercourse for health reasons should also leave this medication alone. 

Kamagra Storage & Safety

This medication should not be in the reach of children and it should be kept in a private place by anyone who decides to use it. Kamagra should always be stored in a cool and dry space. This drug lasts for up to a year before it starts to lose its effectiveness. Anyone 18 and over can buy Kamagra soft pill online and they should be careful about the dosage they are receiving and how this substance will impact their health. 

Side Effects

This medication has been known to cause side effects such as flushing, headache, digestive problems, diarrhea, abnormal vision, nasal congestion, nausea, muscular pain, back pain, chest pain and an irregular heartbeat. Users can also experience an erection lasting for more than a couple of hours. If this is the case they should seek medical attention right away. 


People should pay attention to the following warning associated with the use of Kamagra Soft Tabs online. If a person decides to buy soft Kamagra tablets online they should be careful about a number of dosages they are receiving. Once again, 100mg is an awful lot for erectile dysfunction. A person should start off with a smaller dosage to determine how this medication will interact with their body. Anyone taking this substance should also know how to use Kamagra soft tabs. It is strongly recommended that a person takes this medication about ½ an hour or 1 hour before having intercourse. Erections last for more than 4 hours should seek medical attention. Yes, a person taking Kamagra will have to plan out their sexual experience in advance to avoid intimacy problems. Women and people under the age of 18 should not take this drug at all. 

Where to Buy Kamagra Soft Tabs

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