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Caverta is quite popular and proven drug to help people with erectile dysfunction (ED) lead a normal sexual life. It is not a cure for ED and will not give you an automatic erection unless you are sexually excited. It can be taken before you plan to have sex and is not prescribed for daily consumption. It has also proven itself capable of curing your impotence problems. Caverta drug is working very similar like male Viagra and always prescribed for men suffering from erection difficulties. Caverta 100mg is a smart solution and capable to treat erectile dysfunction very quickly. The active ingredient of this drug is Sildenafil which means, it works like magical Viagra. Caverta (sildenafil citrate) is the best choice for men who want to save their relationship and sexual life. If you are looking for the safe treatment of impotence then caverta is finest choice approved by the FDA. Physician can prescribe Caverta medication to young and oldies after the examination of their physical health. 

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How does Caverta Drug make it Erect?

The main chemical compound in Caverta drug is sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil waits for sexual stimulus to start working and show its effects. The compound prepares your sexual organ for an improved erection by relaxing it and expanding the arteries. It leads to an increased blood flow into the penis while restricting the blood to flow out by constricting the vessels that let it out. As a result, more blood stays in than what comes out and you get a long lasting hard erection. It achieves your erection with a natural process when sexual stimulant is present.

Recommended Dosage of Caverta

The dosage of Caverta Drug depends on your medical and physical condition and also the medications that you take normally. Consult your doctor for your recommended dosage to be safe. Generally, the following dosage is prescribed to adult males- 

First Dose: 50mg oral pills

Following Doses: 25 mg to 100 mg

The pill needs to be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before you are going to have sex. It is not required to take it daily and remember to prevent taking more than one dose per day. 

Unmatched Benefits of Caverta

The main benefit of Caverta is that you are not forced with an erection; you achieve it normally when you are sexually active. You also take it when needed. It is not a thing you have to take for months! It gives you a prolonged and improved erection that makes your sexual life pleasurable again. It is helpful for curing the symptoms of chronic ED or impotence and there are very few drugs that work as effectively as Caverta. 

Some Words of Precaution

To be safe and confident, be sure to take the following precautions when you take the drug. Consult a doctor or pharmacist before the intake of over the counter drug like Caverta online. The drug has caused allergic reactions in few users due to the presence of inactive ingredients. Make sure your medical history will not interfere with the drug, so talk to your doctor. Avoid Caverta if you take medications for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, heart problems or chest pain. Nitrate in medicines along with Caverta causes steep fall in blood pressure and can be lethal. Also, stay away from it if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, kidney or liver disorders, leukemia, hemophilia, stomach ulcer, or have a recent history of stroke or heart attack. 

Probable Side Effects of Caverta

Caverta drug causes some mild to moderate side effects which include headache, nausea, flushing face, muscle or back pain, stomach upset. You can also experience vision changes or sudden loss of vision, blurred colors which require you to get in touch with a doctor immediately. Other cases which call for immediate medical attention include irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, hearing loss, convulsions or feelings of passing out. Always consult a medical professional before you administer the drug to know the possible side effects. 

Few Warnings to Remember

Anyone under the age of 18 should not take this drug. Proceed with medical consultation and also ensure you have a healthy heart to engage in sexual activities. It is important as Caverta drug can lead to a fall in blood pressure leading to rare cases of stroke or heart attacks. You also need to be aware of your medications and avoid it if you are taking drugs that contain nitrate, Adempas and others. It should also not be consumed with other medications that you take for impotence treatment. Control your intake of alcoholic beverages and food rich in fat, making sure to stay away from grapefruit or other fruit juices.

A final warning- gets in touch with your doctor if your erection lasts for more than 4 hours after taking Caverta drug. It is harmful to the penis and should be treated immediately. Lastly, do not consume more than your prescribed dosage! 

Storing it Safely

Store the medicine in a safe and secure place away from the reach of children. Store it in air tight container at normal room temperature. Do not refrigerate Caverta 100mg drug. 

Caverta Interaction with other Drugs

Caverta can interact with certain drugs like ED medications and those which contain nitrate in them. Avoid it if you are taking vardenafil, tadalafil or avanafil. It can also interact with other medicines like certain antibiotics, antifungal drugs, HIV or Aids and blood pressure medicines. Ensure you let your doctor or pharmacist know what you are taking before consuming Caverta. 

Is it possible to Buy Caverta online?

You can buy Caverta online easily. In fact, you can buy cheap Caverta online, at prices you will not get anywhere else - making this one of the best bets for you. It's easy to get Caverta without prescription, and you don't really need to visit a doctor for it. Additionally, you will be able to get all its benefits - and since there are not many side effects of Caverta, you don't have to worry about anything. 

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