Why Is Modafinil (Smart Drug) Popular in Medical Market?

Modafinil, since its inception, has been a topic of discussion. In less span of time, the wakefulness promoter also known as smart drug has become the talk of the town. The medicine works on brain chemicals and brings in the best results for people dealing with hypersomnia or daytime sleepiness. Also, the medicine helps in retaining cognitive health in better shape and thus it is named as a smart drug. In the present age, smart drugs have hit the bar in popularity and their sale has been increasing since then. Used by students, professionals, athletes, housewives, and almost everyone who wishes to stay ahead of all, Modafinil became popular lightening fast.

The reason behind Modafinil success is its ability to boost cognitive functions, enhance memory processing and recalling, and better concentration power. Some studies have estimated that Modafinil also helps in improving written and verbal communication skills.

Basically, Modafinil is a nootropic medicine which is used by people dealing with slumber issues. It helps in eliminating daytime sleepiness by working on certain brain chemicals or neurotransmitters. It prevents back absorption of these neurotransmitters and retains them in the brain. These brain chemicals are involved in the regulation of sleep and wakeup cycle. In a similar fashion, they are also responsible for better cognitive functionality.

The history of Modafinil

It started with the development of Adrafinil – a drug invented to treat slumber issues. Introduced in 1970 in France, the medicine showed a few side effects but the drug used to take a longer time to show positive effects. A revolution happened when Modafinil was introduced into the market. This medicine took less time than Adrafinil to show results.

Modafinil soon became a hit amongst people. With lesser side effects and faster mechanism of action, the smart drug started to sell like a hot cake. FDA approval and low potential for abuse are another reason for its increased sale.

What makes it so popular amongst people?

Though several drugs have entered into the market since the Modafinil revolution, but no drug has been able to match with this amazing smart drug. Following are the points that elaborate why this smart drug is so popular amongst folks.

It isn’t a stimulant

It is classified as a eugeroic but it acts as a stimulant. This wakefulness promoter agent will help you ward off those unwanted sleep pangs hitting you when you are in the middle of something important.

It works efficiently

You are sure to acknowledge how effective this medicine is from the very first dosage. It helps you stay awake and focused for longer period of time.

Offers prolonged results

The medicine is capable of keeping you awake for 14 to 16 hours. One tablet of Modafinil is enough to do this for you.

It isn’t a habit-forming medicine

It is not addictive. However, it is important to follow medical instruction to get better and safer results with medicine.

Few side effects

Every medicine is bound to offer you some side effects and Modafinil is not an exception. However, the side effects given by this smart drug are mild in nature and cause no harm to the consumer.