Use Your 5 Senses To Fall Asleep Faster (And For Longer)!

Sleep loss on a daily basis makes you fall ill. You may not experience the symptoms right away but slowly you will notice the changes in your health and overall behavior. Losing on sleep on a daily basis is the root cause for several health issues and difficulties. In fact, studies have estimated that people with disturbed sleep pattern tend to have a dysfunctional sexual life.

We are fortunate to have better treatment options available for sleep disorders. We can use them for improving sleep quality and also reduce annoying symptoms associated with them. However, the question is, are these treatment options useful for all? They certainly are not. Some people get benefits with oral medications while some go for therapies. Some opt for home remedies and some simply try to ignore it which is not a good thing to do. In this article, you will be exploring a simple yet efficient technique to doze off faster and for longer. If you are seriously want to know how? Keep reading!

Your five senses are your rescue

People suffering from sleep issues often implement age old techniques. Such as keeping their bedroom clean and tidy with dim lights and pleasant aroma of essential oils and burning sticks. If nothing has helped you yet to doze off easily, putting your mind and body to work is the best thing you can do for treating slumber issues.

You might have heard or read about meditation that is all about calming your mind and keeping your body in alignment with your body. It indeed is a good idea to keep your brain off any anxious feelings or depressive thoughts that might be playing havoc with your sleep pattern. By practice the easy technique of mindfulness you can get better sleep. The only condition is that you must do it on a daily basis without fail. Here’s how you can practice mindfulness through your five senses to get sound sleep:

See (or visualize)

Visualization technique is a thing and it works. Before hitting the bed, you must close your eyes while sitting in a comfortable position or simply lay down on the bed. Now while keeping your eyes close visualize the most beautiful and calm scenario. You can imagine sitting near a beach or a mountain; anything that makes you happy and calm. Let your imagination run free while you imagine a calm scenario. This is sure to trigger better sleep.


It is well-known to all of us what soothing music can do for us. Listening to calm music for at least 30 to 45 minutes helps reducing stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts. You feel relaxed and tend to doze off faster. The key to success here is to choose music with slow beats such as classical music or soft jazz. Your heartbeat responds to the kind of music you listen and when it is a slow music the heartbeat gets slow which in turn triggers sleep.


Essential oils such as lavender oil work wonderfully for slumber issues and also reduces anxiety. You can put a drop or two of lavender essential oils on a handkerchief or pillow and sniff it to doze off faster.


As we all know, human touch has healing powers. When you embrace a crying baby, it stops crying and falls asleep. You must learn acupressure to try on yourself. We have certain points on our body which are when pressed with enough pressure trigger sleep. Another way is to sleep with a weighted blanket on. It keeps your entire body under consistent pressure which helps you to fall asleep.


It is not a good idea to eat something heavy, calorie-loaded stuff before sleeping but you can have foods that increase melatonin hormone in your body. Tart cherry juice is known to augment the concentration of melatonin in your body that induces sleep. You can also have a glass of warm milk before hitting the bed. A hot cup of chamomile tea eases anxiety and stress leading to a peaceful sleep.

Studies have shown and supported that practicing mindfulness through our five senses not only induces better sleep but it also keeps you aware and alert throughout the day.