Thyroid Disorder – An unaddressed problem

Thyroid is a buttery fly shaped gland in the front of the neck which is directly responsible for several metabolism functions in the body. Thyroid is directly responsible for the individual gaining weight and not being able to lose it despite of being on a strict regulated diet. It is the thyroid gland which produces hormones that regulate the heartbeat, body temperature, and also body metabolism.
Types of Thyroid
There are at least 5 types of thyroid disorders and they are hypothyroidism, hyperthyrodism, goiter, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer.
It is a condition when the thyroid gland is not able to produce enough thyroid hormone which directly affects the metabolism of the individual. This results in a very in abnormal weight gain or the difficulty to lose it once it is gained.
Hyperthyrodism is the opposite of Hypothyrodism. It is the condition when the body produces too much of thyroid hormone which results in the severe and abnormal weight loss and trouble in gaining weight.
There has been a lot of debate whether goiter can be termed as thyroid disorder. However, it has been concluded beyond doubt, that it is a form of thyroid disorder. Goiter is the abnormal growing of the thyroid gland making it difficult for the patient to eat, or swallow. Though it is not known to cause any pain however, it causes great discomfort in performing the day to day activities.
Thyroid Nodules
Thyroid Nodules are lumps formed within thyroid gland. They could contain fluid or be just plain solid lumps. They are not known to be cancerous or anything serious.
Thyroid Cancer
Most thyroid cancers are extremely curable and in most cases a patient makes full recovery in a short time span. Some of the symptoms of thyroid cancer are lump in the throat growing abnormally big. Most patient neglect this abnormal projection as either thyroid nodules or goiter and therefore, the cancer spreads to the other parts. It is advisable to consult the doctor immediately to have the abnormal growth arrested.
Thyroid disorder
Causes of Thyroid
The main cause of thyroid is iodine deficiency and a malfunctioning immune system which attacks the good cells of your own body. Thyroid is not a draconian disease as it is normally projected. Most thyroid disorders including cancer can be cured and the patient makes full recovery. There are medications available which are not known to have any sideeffects. It is therefore, one of the easiest disorders to treat. In case if medication does not work, surgery is always available, which could be done at a short notice.
In many cases, natural treatment has also worked. A balanced diet with a copious amount of protein, card, and natural amino acids will go a long way in treating thyroid and also keeping the disorder in check. It is proven that iodized salt is extremely beneficial in treating goiter. Though, the intake of salt does increases the sodium level in the body, however, a pinch of salt is never too bad!