Recognizing & Treating Common Eye Diseases The Right Way

When it comes to the understanding of vision loss awareness, we see many patients with uncertain knowledge of go around these symptoms. Researchers say, nearly half of the world’s population stress a lot more about getting blind rather than the fact of them losing their memory or the ability to even walk or hear. That’s true! Certain eye disorders/diseases have side effects that indulge in the weakening of the entire body as well. Yet, there are approx 45% of people who completely neglect to get their treatment done by their specialists and rather get it checked by a local spectacle provider. 

Before getting on to the scenario of how and what are the medications used. You will need to first understand the most common eye disease and the different ways involved to detect them. These may also include mild eye diseases like pink eye, conjunctivitis, etc. These conditions can lead you to vision loss like macular degeneration and glaucoma. How do they start? What are the different aspects included in these conditions that give rise to harmful eye diseases? In order to understand this question, we’ll first need to read and learn about the Anatomy of the Eye. What is the contribution of each structure in the eye? Let’s understand it today.

The Anatomy Of The Eye

A very complex structure that includes the main aspects of the eye. They may sure seem small but play a very vital role for your eyes. Let us understand these structures.

– The Cornea is the clear tissue that is in the very front of your eyes.

– The Iris is the colored part of the eye that surrounds the pupil

– The Pupil is a dark hole in the Iris that regulates the amount of light around the eye.

– The Lens is a tiny clear disk inside the eye that focuses light rays in the retina.

– The Retina is a layer that joins the back of the eyes, senses light and forms electrical impulses that travel around the optic nerve to your brain.

– The Macula is also a tiny central area in the retina that permits us to see minute details clearly

– The Optic Nerve connects the eye to the brain and takes forward the electrical impulses formed by the retina to the visual cortex of the brain.

– Vitreous is a clear jelly-like substance that fills the middle of your eye.

Common eye disease

Common Eye Problems That Need Immediate Treatment

The most common and leading cause of blindness, as well as low vision across the globe, are a summary of age-related eye diseases like macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and as well as glaucoma. Other than the ones mentioned, a few given below are disorders that need to be treated.

– Refractive Errors

– Pink Eyes

– Amblyopia

– Strabismus

– Retinal Detachment

– Uveitis

– Different sorts of eye allergies

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