Reasons for Female Infertility and How to Overcome the issue

Reasons for Female Infertility Motherhood is certainly a beautiful feeling for every woman who wishes to embrace motherhood. However, not all women are lucky enough to conceive whenever they want to. Some woman goes through a lot of struggles to hold a baby in their arms.

Female infertility is defined as a difficulty to conceive naturally. It is important to know the causes of female infertility to get the right treatment to get rid of the problem. Female infertility affects 1 couple out of every 6 couples and contributes to approximately one-third of infertility ratio.

Check on the following causes of female infertility:-

Blocked fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes are the elongations that run from womb to ovaries. Certain conditions can damage these tubes causing infertility issues. In rare cases, tube blockage is present since birth. However, it remains undetected till the woman reaches to adulthood and tried to get pregnant.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

This disorder develops due to hormonal imbalance and is known as one of the major reasons for female infertility.

Repeated miscarriages

It could be the reason and a symptom of female infertility. If you are unable to carry after conceiving and it is happening on a constant basis, you need to get in touch with your doctor.


Endometrium is an inner lining of the uterus that normally thickens to provide a bed for the egg to attach to the wall of the uterus. When the fertilization doesn’t appear, this lining sheds off as menstruation. Sometimes the entire lining doesn’t shed off causing issues.

Ovarian Cyst

Abnormalities in the ovulation process leads to cyst formation within the ovaries causing female infertility. When the follicle doesn’t release an egg, forms a cyst.

Cervical Mucus

Cervical fluid provides a medium for sperms to swim freely through cervix. When there is less or no cervical fluid, sperms cannot sustain in the environment. Thus, lack of cervical fluid causes female infertility.

Absent Menstruation

An irregular menstrual cycle might develop due to many factors such as dietary deficiencies, stress, malnutrition, hormonal imbalance or any other underlying health issues. An absent menstruation poses as a risk factor for female infertility.

Uterine Fibroids

The reasons for uterine fibroids to occur are still in the dark. However, presence of uterine fibroids calls for female infertility.


As per clinical studies and researches, stress affects a person physically and mentally. Stress hampers the healthy working of an endocrine system thus creating issues in the release of certain hormones. Hormonal imbalance is enough to cause problems that are linked with female infertility.

Unexplained Female Infertility

When every test comes up with a negative test and the couple finds it difficult to conceive, doctors called it as unexplained infertility.

Female infertility can be treated when the reason behind it can be diagnosed. The treatment depends on the factors that contribute in the development of female infertility. Your doctor might keep you on oral hormonal supplements which help in balancing the hormones. You can also go for herbal remedies as a mainstream or supplementary treatment. If your infertility issue is because of the clogged fallopian tubes, your doctor will give you medicines to unblock the tubes to make you able to conceive. If the infertility is due to infection, it can be treated with antibiotics. A minor surgery is required if the blocked fallopian tubes do not get corrected with mere medicines.

A woman always feels complete when she becomes a mother. However, issues mentioned above can make her difficult to conceive. Accurate diagnosis is the key and It has to be done at the onset of symptoms. Preventing female infertility is next to impossible because many cases are due to genetic factors. However, you can always reduce the chances of infertility by having a healthy lifestyle and controlling weight.


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