Is It Easy to Lose Weight with Home Remedies?

Home remedies for Weight loss

Well, it is not easy to shed those extra pounds if you just keep reading articles on weight loss without implementing the tricks and ideas explained in those write-ups. We are leaving a life where eating junk food is a routine thing. Thanks to the long working hours, lack of exercise and loss of sleep are some of the reasons why you are putting on weight. We all are running in the rat race to achieve professional goals. But we have forgotten that we have an important goal to achieve – goal of healthy weight. We wish to get healthy by waving a magic wand but this happens only in the fairy tales and we are living in a real world. Not just lack of time but there are other factors that can make you go fat from fit. Stress is one of the reasons you may put up weight. Elevated level of stress has a deeper connection with hunger pangs. So next time if you crave for high calorie junk, please blame it on the stress.

Being overweight or obesity affects a person in many ways. Obesity comes with a social stigma and the obesity-related health issues are add-ons. It shouldn’t come up as a surprise if you start experiencing imbalanced psychological health. Another drawback of weighing more than a normal weight is a messed up sexual life. Amongst all the fatty areas of your body, belly fat is the most stubborn one. It can substantially raise your risk of getting various health problems. Be it belly fat or any fat present in any part of your body, you need a proper diet plan coupled with exercise moves to shed it.

This article will help you achieve your ideal weight through home remedies. Though these home remedies might not work as fast as the weight loss medicines but you will be assured with zero side effects. Before trying out any of the remedies given below you need to consider the genetic and environmental factors as well. The result may vary from person to person. Go on to find the home remedy that suits you the best.

Cinnamon tea

Blood sugar level is directionally proportional to your weight. A cup of cinnamon tea made by pouring boiling water over a cinnamon stick and sweetened with honey is the best thing you can have to stabilize the blood sugar level. You can use cinnamon powder as well and make sure to brew the solution well before drinking.

Green tea and ginger

When it comes to weight loss, we cannot miss out on these two beautiful remedies. These are easily available and you can trust them to tone our body in a healthy way. Add a piece of ginger or ginger juice while making the green tea and add honey to sweeten the concoction. Catechins present in the green tea help in losing body fat.

Rose petal water

There is no reason to turn a deaf ear to this mild diuretic. Rose petal water encourages your kidneys to throw out more and more sodium out of your body thus eliminating the risk of water retention. You can make rose petal water by infusing rose petal in water. Simmer the mixer till rose petals lose its colour. Store the concoction in refrigerator for about six day and start drinking half cup of it on a daily basis.


This magic herb is blessed with fatigue-fighting properties and it boosts energy as well. Ginseng speeds up the sluggish metabolism. However, you need to exercise on a daily basis to encourage weight loss.


Stress is one of the reasons why you are unable to lose weight. Sage helps in keeping your mind in a calmer state and reduces stress. You can sage tea by boiling fresh sage leaves or dried ones in water. You can add a dash of lemon juice to enhance the taste.


Weight loss remedies cannot be completed without having lemon in the list. You can try the warm water + lemon juice + a teaspoon of honey mixture to be drank on an empty stomach. Moreover, you can add lemons in your diet. Simply squeeze lemon on every food you eat and see the difference.

These are a few home remedies which can be used by anyone. However, one cannot miss out working out regularly to ensure speedy and healthy weight loss. And, don’t forget to stay hydrated especially in the summer season.

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