Is Running Better than Hitting A Gym? Let’s Find Out!

Hitting a gym seems a better option as it gives you a variety of exercises to tone your body. Whether you wish to shed those extra layers of fats or wish to keep your overall health in check, hitting a gym always come up as a convenient option. However, one cannot underestimate the power of conventional ways of exercising – running. In this article, we are going to explore some amazing health benefits of running. It is a simpler form of exercise but it has various benefits to offer. Let’s know what they are.

You live longer

As per a study, runners tend to live longer than others. The study analyzed about 1000 adults for a time span of 21 years. The results showed that 85% of runners were alive while only 66% of non-runners were able to make it.

You stay happy

Several researches and studies have confirmed the statement that running gives you a deep high by making your brain pump out endocannabinoids. These mimic cannabis and keep the runner happy for longer.

No transportation needed

Okay, this one is obvious. Going to the gym might take a few minutes or an hour depending on where the gym is. However, running needs some open space and you are good to go. The open space can be the backyard of your house or a nearest park.

Say goodbye to beer tummies

Needless to say, running will help you lose extra fat deposited around your belly. Studies were done to find out how it helps in burning belly fat. The results were astonishing.

Enhanced vitamin D production

The human body can make vitamin D but it needs sunlight to carry out the process seamlessly. However, we tend to stay indoors and miss out the chance of getting early sunlight. Running gives us an opportunity to get enough sunlight for the easy synthesis of vitamin D thus keeping you away from its deficiency.

Improves your energy levels

Running doesn’t make you exhausted but it keeps you energetic for longer period of time. As mentioned earlier, running helps in the secretion of certain chemicals within the brain which are known to keep your energy levels up.

Helps you fight off with common cold

The common cold is not a big issue to get worried about but when it hits, it hits really bad. However, you can keep this contagious health ailment at bay if you get engaged in running on a daily basis. Running for about 30 minutes a day helps your immune system to become strong.

Calms your mind down

Running not only helps you have a better body and physical health but it helps in achieving a peaceful mind as well. Running is quite similar to meditating and this is how it makes your mind calm and free of chaos every time you put on the shoes and run.

Boosts your mood

Not just mental health, running improves your emotional quotient as well. Studies have confirmed the same. When you run on a daily basis, it helps in increasing certain brain neurotransmitters within the brain which have the direct impact on your mood. This is how running helps in keeping mood disorders at bay.

Strengthens your knees

Researchers have proved that running is good for your knee health. It keeps the risk of knee osteoarthritis low. Running helps in strengthening the ligaments of the joints as well.

Keeps your heart in a good condition

Did I forget to mention that running is an aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercises are better for improving heart’s health. Running is good for a healthy heart and when you run, you increase your heart’s stamina to pump out blood.

Gets you healthy eye

Studies have linked running with healthy eyes. When we say exercise, we hardly mention about how beneficial it is for our eyes. In fact, running reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes which are linked with vision issues if not controlled properly.

Weight loss

It is obvious one but it counts. Running is an economical way of getting back into shape. It offers you overall exercise of the body which helps in tine down the target areas such as belly and thigh fat and other concerned areas.

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