Is Metformin Effective for Weight Loss? Find Out Before You Go for It

Metformin is a well-known drug and a first-line treatment for diabetes. Like other drugs, this diabetes management medicine comes with a bunch of side effects such as diarrhea, upset stomach, sleepiness etc. However, there is one side effect that you may wish to suffer from and it is being offered by metformin – weight loss. Metformin is not a weight management drug but it studies have shown that this diabetes management medicine has been linked with weight loss. A study published in the April 2012 issue of the journal Diabetes Care has established a link between the medication and weight loss. The study was carried out by the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Further, researchers said that more studies are required to concrete the finding of this research.

What is metformin and how it helps in diabetes management?

The drug is a first-line treatment for diabetes and it works by lowering the glucose amount discharged by the liver. It assists insulin to utilize glucose in the more efficient way thus ensuring low levels of glucose in the blood and sufficient energy production. As the dug directly affects the insulin levels, it helps in keeping healthy levels of insulin. As metformin helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity, it ensures lowering the risk of diabetes complications such as damage to the blood vessels, nerve tissues etc.

Metformin and weight loss – What is the truth?

The link between metformin and weight loss is not clear yet but there are theories and studies which have concluded a detailed explanation about weight fluctuation in people who were on metformin. Reduced appetite is one of the side effects offered by this diabetes management medicine. You may not eat less but the calories you will be consuming will be less than the collective calories of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner used to be before. This change, though subtle, is powerful to bring in weight loss if metformin is consumed over a long period of time. Other side effects are diarrhea and upset stomach which eventually reduces food intake facilitating weight loss.

Is metformin capable of offering you a long-term weight loss?

Though metformin can help you lose some pounds, unfortunately you could only lose 6 pounds a year, as per the April 2012 Diabetes Care study. So, you cannot expect miracles from this drug, but it does help you lose some which might not as per your expectations.

Metformin is prescribed to people with high insulin levels and is experiencing difficulties while losing weight. However, it is a not a miracle drug and thus one should not expect huge weight loss with a fatty diet and no lifestyle changes. If you wish to speed up the process of weight loss, you ought to follow a healthy diet plan and regular exercise.

Is metformin suitable for non-diabetic people?

Yes. The off-label use of metformin is to lose weight. However, it is a prescription drug and hasn’t got an approval as a weight loss drug by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). You must go for conventional ways such as brisk walking, running, having a healthy diet and drinking a lot of water to shed those pounds.