Is Hypertension In Men A Leading Cause For Impotence?

Pressure is one such effect that causes humans to fall into various physical and mental stress, giving birth to diseases and disorders that may be untreatable. We neglect it thinking, tension can be treated with a few medications or yoga. But, this gives birth to a mounting of other terrible problems. One such problem for men suffering from hypertension is a sexual problem related to Erectile Dysfunction or even termed as Impotence. A condition that men fail to talk about out of embarrassment, and frustration for women to solve for their men. Let’s know more about it in our blog today.

The Connection Between High Pressure & Erection

A major cause of erection problems has unsurprisingly been a major cause of high blood pressure. Researches have stated that about 50% of men of the age group of 50-76 with high blood pressure condition have also medication for erectile dysfunction started What’s the connection with these two? In order to understand this, one must understand the anatomy of an erection. With the right amount of neural stimulation, the brain gives the right signals to the smooth muscle chambers, for relaxation and arteries to dilate. This allows blood to fill the empty spaces. 

This pressure of the blood flow creates the sheath of tissue around the chambers to erect pressure on veins that retain blood and block blood flow away from the penis. With an increase in the blood flow, the penis expands and stiffens. This gives open space for High Blood Pressure to block the arteries from functioning the way they should normally do to give you an erection. This sure can be treated and many have found the right treatment like Generic Viagra. But, a few still don’t even know about this condition.

Understanding The Cause Of It.

High blood pressure causes trouble to 4 out of 6 men worldwide and is the leading cause of premature death. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is much advised, but maintaining it has always been a burden for men to cope up with. This involves solid control over alcohol, salt intake, smoking, etc. If not, Erectile Dysfunction is one such condition that is commonly caused to such men. If it’s an ongoing issue, it can cause you stress and affect your self-confidence contributing to relationship problems. One of the reasons is the Testosterone being the key hormone responsible for sex drive. High blood pressure leads to a drop in blood flow and a decline in the delivery of testosterone in your body. Due to this, men become less interested in sex and performance as well as having difficulty in getting and in maintaining erections.

High blood pressure impacts your sexual performance. How? Well, the narrowed blood vessels, causes the penis low blood flow making it difficult to get and maintain an erection. This also makes them physically unfit to do anything or even exercise.

For such conditions medications and immediate treatment is advised. As mentioned above, medications like Viagra can help in getting this blood flow reaches your penis. You easily get Generic Viagra Online, but what states the most important is to have an understanding of what medication you take and who you console such things to. If you’re someone going through such an issue, it’s time for you to address it to the right person.