How to Doze off When Your Mind Is Racing

We all have been there when we try to sleep but we just can’t. It is pretty much difficult to put a racing mind to sleep. It is one of the major obstacles when we desire to fall asleep as much faster as the blink of an eye. Experts from all over the world have a unified opinion about the connection between sleep deprivation and a racing mind. Sleep loss on a daily basis can make you sluggish the next day. The worst part is it invites several health issues as well.

It is quite okay to think about the entire day and how it went before going to sleep. But if it has become a daily thing that you do before dozing off, you needed to look into the matter pretty seriously. Michael Breus, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and a specialist in sleep disorders from Manhattan Beach, California has said that your brain is constantly churning out new information when you visit a new city or meet new people or simply put on a new project at the workplace. He has also written a book about interpretation about your body clock and circadian rhythm. Surprisingly, when you throw yourself in the bed, all the information that your brain has absorbed throughout the day will come floating atop and in no time your mind will revolve around the things that you have dealt with during the day or to be going to deal with the next day.

A sound sleep which is not intermittent marks for good sleep health. But if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night and find it quite difficult to fall asleep back. It simply means that the issue you are dealing with is way more serious than you think. Almost everyone struggles to fall asleep with varying degree of intensity. You can find loads of tips and strategies to correct your sleep pattern. But you need to check by yourself is suitable for you. This article is a humble effort to help you try out some strategies that might help you get sound sleep. If you do not get benefited with the tips shared in this article, feel free to meet a doctor as sleep issues tend to become when not attended and leave negative impact on one’s overall health.

Here are the tips which are simple yet effective to bring in a good night sleep.

Keep electronic devices at bay

You probably have heard this many times before and you may shrug at it after reading but hang on, we need to tell you how important it is. The radiations emitted by smartphones, tablets or laptops are not good for your melatonin production process. Moreover, these devices aid in increasing anxiety and stress making it difficult to doze off. Experts have to say that any stressful news you receive through social media or by any other means before going to sleep has a strong impact on your sleep health. It clearly explains why you need to keep electronic devices at bay before hitting the bed.

The apps on your smartphone or the websites that you view on your laptop act as an engaging media for your brain. This is enough to keep your mind racing and keep you stay up for no apparent reason. To protect your sleep health and to keep your mind free from all these chaos, you need to switch off your devices almost 30 minutes before you hit the bed.

Schedule your worries too!

It may sound funny at first but it has such a great impact on your sleep pattern. Just like you start your day for planning things ahead, you need to keep a few minutes to worry about things as well. Constantly worrying about things, people or events occupies a large space in our mind and it starts racing. If you worry the moment you hit the bed, you are doing no good to your sleep health and ultimately to your overall health as well. Folks, make it a habit to keep just a few minutes (15 to 20 minutes) a day to worrying about stuff.

Create and stick to a routine

Most people think sleeping off is a piece of cake but it isn’t especially in today’s fast-paced life. Modern-day living has created a lot of chaos and our mind is working continuously regardless the time of the day or night. You need to set a routine for getting better sleep. Before you dozed off, you must do little relaxing activities to calm your mind down. You can read a good book or listen to a soothing music which will help you have better sleep.

Keep a gratitude journal

Being grateful to the things you possess or yet to have is an extremely effective way to bring in the positivity in your life. Now, as you have set your worries aside, you can start practicing gratitude as a way of life. Keep a journal or a simple notebook and write the things you are grateful about. Start with at least three things and then gradually increase the number, you will be amazed at the result.

Try muscle relaxation

It surely is the best way to bid adieu to stress that builds up in our mind and keeps it on its toes. There are tons of videos available on the internet which explains how to relax your muscles. If you do not wish to go for it, here is a simple exercise. Lie down on bed and simply imagine stress leaving your body, your muscles are relaxing. Focus on each part of your body while doing so. You will feel the difference.