Hepatitis C Is More than a Liver Problem

It might have been the toughest battle in the beginning but thanks to the modern medical science, treating hepatitis C has become easier and manageable now. But this issue can make one suffer from more than one health disorders. Hepatitis C increases your risk of developing certain health issues. As per the results declared by the scientists from the University of Washington and the University of Alabama-Birmingham, more than 40% of people with chronic hepatitis C issue might show other health issues which are other than liver disorders. These people are at the higher risk of developing diabetes and kidney disorders.

Experts have tried to estimate the reason behind the onset of health issues while one is battling with hepatitis C but nothing satisfactory has been found out yet. Experts said that the reasons are different why people with hepatitis C get other health issues. Further they said that these health disorders might arise due to the direct attack of hepatitis C infection on the organs or the immune response to the virus. Though hepatitis C infection has been linked with elevated risk for other health issues, it is easier to treat these health disorders.

This article is a humble effort to educate people about the most common health issues that develop when you are already dealing with hepatitis C infection. Here are those health issues.


Though diabetes has become a common lifestyle disorder, people with hepatitis C infection are three times at the risk of developing diabetes. The experts say that the reasons behind this relationship are not fully understood. Hepatitis C is connected with the onset of insulin resistance inside the liver. This is crucial because liver plays a vital role in digestion. People with hepatitis C should have small meals periodically throughout the day and they must keep a close eye on sugar levels.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

It is a type of cancer that develops in the white blood cells. As per a review published in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Haematology, almost 10% of cases of this type of cancers arise due to underlying hepatitis C infection. It happens because the cancer develops in the B cells which have a crucial role in producing antibodies which are used to fight off infections such as hepatitis C. If you have been diagnosed with either of these health conditions, you must ask your medical team to analyse the other.


In this condition, the blood flow to the fingers of hands and toes reduces and it might indicate presence of an autoimmune disease called Sjogren syndrome. This syndrome develops when the immune system attacks tear and salivary glands. This health disorder has been linked with hepatitis C but experts have failed to explain the relationship. Hepatitis C treatment helps in reduciong the symptoms of cryoglobulinemia. However, if the symptoms of cryoglobulinemia have returned after you have stopped receiving hepatitis C treatment, it indicates that the virus has come back.

Skin issues

Some studies have linked hepatitis C with the onset of certain skin issues such as porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT). This skin ailment is related to excess amount of iron in blood and it is characterized by the presence of blisters on the hand, face and forearms. Avoiding alcohol and exposure to the sunlight helps in reducing the intensity of symptoms. It is better to follow medical advice to treat skin issues developed due to hepatitis C infection.

Kidney disorders

As per the National Kidney Foundation, hepatitis C infection might trigger the onset of kidney disorders. A review published in the World Journal of Hepatology in 2015 states that hepatitis C infection may generate an immune reaction which affects the kidneys. Further, the kidney damage is also linked with the insulin resistance caused by the hepatitis C infection.

The above mentioned health issues are commonly occurring ones in people infected with hepatitis C infection. Unfortunately, experts never think of hepatitis C infection as an underlying cause for these issues to show up. Treating hepatitis C infection could be enough for lowering the risk of these health issues arising unannounced. It is important to talk to your doctor and notify him with slightest of changes in your health while you have recovered or recovering from hepatitis C infection.