Health Hazards Associated with Being Underweight

A very well known notion that being underweight is much better than being fat is really very popular. On the other hand, you might go through a lot of health-related disorders due to being malnourished. Below mentioned are more than a few health hazards connected to being underweight.

Since these days we could see a lot of advertisement cum banners concerning a slim or curvy body shape, one immediately feel becoming like them. As a result, you may perhaps feel forced to achieve thin and slim figure and hence choose a number of harsh steps similar to crash diets, workouts in gym just to lower the body calories. On the other hand, one can face a lot of health problems lately if the body is not taken care of with organic necessities.

It sometimes becomes tremendously complicated to put on additional body mass to those who are naturally slim whereas those who have eating disorders fail to gain the required body weight. No matter what, we can say that good health is directly proportional to finest weight. For better exemplification, mentioned below are few of the health hazards connected with being underweight.

 Heart-related issues

Heart plays a major role in regulating the transmission of the blood all over the body and is responsible for appropriate functioning of the body organs. On the other hand, if an individual is malnourished or goes through unexpected loss in the overall body mass, the heart eventually turns out to be weaker because of loss of heart muscle. One may go through heart attack because of the reduced pulse rate and a fall in the levels of blood pressure. An indiscretion in heartbeats, also known as arrhythmia can also be the cause of being underweight.


This particular health disorder is illustrated by low bone mass which turns the bones breakable, weak and feeble. Fractures of the bones are highly prone due to this particular health issue. Bone fractures mainly hit the regions including backbone, hip, and wrist. In osteoporosis, body weight is a significant aspect since it directly targets the intensity of the bone.


Anemia is mainly caused due to inadequate proportion of iron in the body. Anemia victims are mainly those who do not incorporate a good cum balanced diet rich in iron and are below the required standard weight. This particular health problem is directly subjected to the reduction in the proportion of red blood cells.

 Lowered Immunity

Body resistance capacity is one of the most significant aspects so as to get rid of the vulnerability to an assured infection, sicknesses and connected disorders. Lowered body resistance is generally observed in underweight citizens who go through nutritional deficiencies. In order to obtain an healthy immune system Vitamin A and C are essentially needed and are the two chief nutrients and lack of such vital nutrients in the body leads to being underweight. Hence due to this, body becomes incapable to combat with disease initiating viruses and bacteria.


The main source of power and strength in our body to execute everyday jobs is nothing but well hygiene food. On the other hand, if anyone is dealing with eating disorders or any such connected issue concerned with your diet, you may become underweight because of too much loss in the body mass. Hence because of this, you may go through tiredness and shortage of energy for incorporating daily tasks that do not need much power and liveliness.


Despair and Nervousness is directly proportional to the eating disorders also known as Anorexia. An individual’s state of mind cum physiological alterations is greatly influenced by being malnourished or underweight. As per the above declaration, people who are underweight may perhaps turn out to be infatuated with diligence, which initiates with their eating behaviors. They in fact, struggle hard to gain excellence in everything since they feel substandard and be the victim of low self-respect.