A Few Common Myths about Erectile Dysfunction

Myths about erectile dsyfunction

Erectile dysfunction often comes with myths and misconceptions. The sexual issue is not yet totally understood by the common people. And this makes it a bit difficult to deal with the issue when it occurs. Many men think that the issue is related to their manhood. But in reality, it is a total myth. In this article, we are going to debunk a few myths and misconceptions surrounding erectile dysfunction.

Myth – Erectile dysfunction occurs due to one specific issue related to male organ

Fact – Erectile dysfunction is an inability to get or sustain an erection. The reason behind it does not limited to injured male organ or any issues related to it. Reasons may vary from health disorders, stress, psychological ailments and unhealthy lifestyle.

Myth – Once developed, erectile dysfunction cannot be reversed

Fact – It is not true with all cases of erectile dysfunction. The issue is treatable in reversible if it has developed due to underlying health disorder or bad lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcoholism. Quitting on smoking and alcohol would do the good for you. Getting treated for health disorders is also useful to reverse erection issue.

Myth – Erectile dysfunction comes with age

Fact – Though almost all elderly men suffer from erectile issues, young men are not spared. Young males also suffer from erection dysfunctionality due to various reasons.

Myth – Only a specialist can help you with erectile dysfunction

Fact – It is a complete myth, you need not to fix an appointment with the specialist until you have your primary doctor to treat you and guide you about the sexual issue.

Myth – There is no cure to erectile dysfunction

Fact – It is a partial myth, Erection issue can be cured when they occur at a particular situation. In some cases, erectile dysfunction keeps occurring regardless of the treatment options you opt for. In such cases, one can get temporary relief from the situation with the help of medicines such as Generic Viagra 100mg available online.

Myth – Smoking doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction

Fact – Unfortunately, smoking does more harm than you think. This habit can make you fall prey to several health disorders including sexual ailments such as erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Myth – Erectile dysfunction occurs when you are not attracted toward your partner

Fact – Relationship issues cause stress which has negative effects on the erection health and intensity. However, you being unattached to your partner has nothing to do with you suffering from erection malfunction.

Myth – It is just in your mind

Fact – Yes, the truth is erection process starts with the mind and the next steps are followed. In various cases, the sexual ailment develops because of anxiety and stress which affects the mind. However, erectile dysfunction also happens when the blood vessels are unable to carry ample amount of blood to the male organ. So, it is not just in your head but, the issue starts from your body as well.

As you see, the myths are debunked and now you might have got a clear idea about the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.