Be the Boss in the Bedroom with Lovegra

Lovegra is the fastest solution to treat women sexual dysfunction. Women have never been into conversations or they deliberately avoid getting into one where they have to talk about what they want in the bed. Women, generally, avoid talking about intimate topics in a group. I am not denying the fact that some women are vocal about their needs in the bed but some are not even able to tell what kind of sexual issues they are dealing with. Low libido or losing interest in intimacy is one of those issues women are facing all over the globe. But very few women have the courage to admit it, talk about it and seek proper treatment for it.

Sexual dysfunction in women is a serious issue but unfortunately, it is the least talked about. Many women suffer in silence and seek no help. Hesitancy in speaking with the doctor or even letting know partner about the issue, a fear that their partners will leave them if they do not perform in the bedroom and low self-esteem are some of the reasons why sexual dysfunction in women remains undiagnosed and untreated for years and in worst cases for the entire lifetime.

What causes sexual dysfunction in women?

Sexual issues in women often generate due to hormonal changes in conditions such as during childbirth or menopause. Along with these two, major health issues such as cardiovascular problems or cancer can make a woman suffer from sexual issues.

Factors that contribute in the onset of sexual dysfunction are: –

Physical issues

As mentioned above, number of health issues can cause sexual issues in women. In fact, certain medicines such as anti-depressants can cause a woman to suffer from sexual dysfunction in bed. Medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure, allergies, and chemotherapy drugs can decrease one’s sexual desire considerably.

Hormonal factors

Menopause affects women’s’ sexual life considerably as estrogen level goes down. This hormone is responsible for your sexual vitality and with the lower levels; it shows symptoms such as low libido. Reduced production of estrogen affects healthy flow of blood to the pelvic region which leads to decrease in genital sensation. Hormonal imbalance leads to vaginal dryness which causes painful intimate act.

Psychological and social

Undiagnosed or untreated anxiety disorder and depression are more likely to cause sexual issues in women. Moreover, a history of sexual abuse is one of the reasons. Conflicted relationship with the partner is also a leading reason for increase in cases of women dealing with sexual dysfunction.

Know About Lovegra

Lovegra is a drug that has caught attention of women across the globe. It is a love pill or pink pill which is available in the dosage of 100mg. This medicine is a boon for women dealing with sexual dysfunction. The drug is blessed with sildenafil citrate which is an essential part of Viagra drug. It helps in increasing the flow of blood to the vagina and helps in keeping it moist and lubricated. This results in easy and smooth penetration. You can take the drug almost an hour before intimacy. It is a well known safe way to treat sexual dysfunction in women and make their sexual life enjoyable.

The suitable dosage of this drug is 100 mg and it is necessary to take medicine 30-60 minutes before entering bedroom. The color of Lovegra is pink and contains sildenafil citrate chemical. Like men, this medication also increases the blood flow into the women genital region. The perfect dose of lovegra is always prescribed by the doctor after the physical examination. Like other drugs, Lovegra also has mild side effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness, blurry vision etc. Be careful if the side effects are longer than 2 hours. It is necessary to take fast action if these side effects are not disappeared early. Keep Lovegra in a safe place out of the reach of children’s.