Armodafinil – A Wonder Drug to Improve Wakefulness

Armodafinil is a wonder drug that promotes wakefulness caused due to narcolepsy and other disorders. When the drug is consumed, it activates the brain cells and makes them more active thus acting as a bulwark against sleep and any other issues. This is a medication and does not cure sleeplessness. It should only be consumed in the event of extreme sleepiness caused due to narcolepsy. The drug should not be used to cure tiredness and dizziness and the abuse of the same should be discouraged at all times.

Who consumes Armadofinil

The drug was prescribed keeping in mind the extreme sleepiness caused due to Narcolepsy. However, it wasn’t long before the use turned into abuse and before we knew it had turned into a drug epidemic very common in the blue labors and lower strata of the society.

Armodafinil is to be consumed orally and starts to work as soon as it is popped. The drug when popped normally shows the effects for eight or nine hours and thus it works as a sleep repellant. It has been observed that the consumption of the drug has increased in the blue collar workers particularly as they battle a sagging economy and ever reducing jobs.

Armodafinil – A panacea for students

Armodafinil is a wonder drug that has found patrons in the most unlikely sections of society; Students. Research shows that the consumption of this drug has increased in an age span of 20-32 which primarily forms the student’s population and the millennia which is just stepping into their careers.

With Globalization came a technology upgrade, with upgraded technology came automation and with automation came job losses, and with job losses came more competition for fewer jobs leading to jungle like situations where only the fittest survive. Therefore, the need to impress the superiors is greater than ever and so is the need to rise up the corporate ladder.

For students, the desire to score more and impress the peers is compelling them to take this wonder drug and trick the body into staying awake for a longer time. Whether or not the body is actually able to perform after the drug is consumed remains to be seen. Though the short term benefits cannot be doubted, long term side effects cannot be over looked. It is highly advisable to judiciously weigh the pros and cons of consuming the drug before committing to it.

Armodafinil – Boon or Bane for Teenagers

Armodafinil has also found patronage among teenagers who are working in call centers and BPO’s. Millenia working in the call centers have to work in graveyard shifts which normally start at 7 PM and continue till 7 AM. So it is more than 12 hours on the phone attending aggrieved customers. As the job gets more demanding and the income meager, the need to pop this pill increases manifold. Once the pill is popped, the body automatically gets into work mode and the individual is able to stay awake longer and probably even remain attentive longer.

Side Effects of Armodafinil

Every drug which affects the natural cycle of the body is bound to have some effect on the normal functioning of the body. It is observed that regular use of Armadofinil weakens the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other vital organs. It is also known to have a pernicious effect on the mood and is known to alter the behavioral patterns of an individual. In any case, the regular use of this drug is not recommended and it should be consumed only as per the prescription of the doctor.