Are Natural Remedies Enough to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or ED or male impotence as it is known as a male sexual disorder which has no cure found yet. Unfortunately, once developed, this male sexual issue is a bit difficult to reverse. However, there are several treatment options available to choose from. You can rely on physical devices or medical pills to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Though the effect is temporary, it is worth a try.

A man can suffer from erectile dysfunction due to several reasons and these reasons vary from being physical, emotional, mental and relationship issues. Some men get the issue due to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. In this article, we are going to explore some natural remedies that help a man to get rid of erectile issues. You can use these remedies along with medications and other treatment alternatives to get better results.

How to know you are dealing with erectile dysfunction?

As per the studies were done worldwide, men usually experience the following symptoms when they are dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Low libido

Difficulty getting an erection

Difficulty keeping an erection

As mentioned above, health issues especially high blood pressure, diabetes or nerve issues might make you visit a doctor for diagnosing an erectile issue. These health issues have a tendency to attack the blood vessels and nerve tissues which further leads to complications including erectile failure. If ignored, this sexual issue can play havoc with your sexual life causing relationship issues and other health issues.

Men searching for remedies for ED have come to the right article. In this write-up, you will know various natural remedies that will save you from the embarrassment of erectile issues. Let’s explore!


It is mandatory to make lifestyle changes in order to correct physical issues including erectile dysfunction. As per experts, exercising has a huge impact on erectile issues. It not only helps you to lose weight but acts on the blocked blood vessels and fortifies them. Exercising regularly enhances production of testosterone which further linked with the better erection and a good sexual life.

A healthy diet

The foods you eat have a great impact on your overall health along with your sexual health. A diet consisting of whole grains, healthy fats, vitamin and mineral rich foods, fresh veggies and fruits fish and moderate proportions of red lean meat is great for erectile strength. Studies have revealed that reduced waist size is linked with a better erection and enhanced sexual life.

Get proper sleep

Sleep loss on a consistent basis can make you susceptible to various health issues. Needless to say, it has been linked with sexual disorders and discomfort as well. It is imperative to have at least eight hours of sleep on a daily basis in order to keep hormone levels in check.

Stop smoking

Smoking has various ill effects on your body and erectile dysfunction is one of them. Studies have linked smoking with an increased risk of erectile issues and other sexual problems such as low libido. Smoking causes restriction to the blood flow as it affects the elasticity of arteries reducing their diameter. This results in various health issues including erectile issues. It is better to quit smoking if you wish to have a better sexual life.

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol has a depressive effect and it is responsible for causing temporary and long-term erectile issues in men. The central nervous system induces production of nitric oxide which is an important chemical in the erection process. Men who are heavy drinkers have less amount of nitric oxide in their blood as alcohol suppresses the central nervous system. It is better to reduce the consumption of liquor or quit drinking completely.

Monitor your medicines

If you are on medications especially high blood pressure or depression medicines, you need to learn about their side effects. Some medicines have the tendency to cause temporary erectile dysfunction as one of their side effects. It is better to have a word with your doctor if you think that these drugs are making you impotent in bed.

Erectile dysfunction is not curable and thus prevention is the key here. The tips mentioned above are the best to have better control over your erectile health and to strengthen it in order to have a stronger erection in bed.