A Guide to Hyperhidrosis or Excessive Sweating

We tend to sweat after a rigorous physical activity such as exercise, or even in the events of stress. For most of us, these situations are temporary and annoy little less. However, some people suffer from excessive sweating disorder which has a medical name as Hyperhidrosis. It is a condition in which a person sweats frequently and uncontrollably. Though it looks harmless, it has deeper effects on the mental well-being of an individual as this leads to anxiety and poor self-esteem. Fortunately, we have easy access to various medications to reduce or stop sweating. Before we jump into the treatment options, we need to learn about hyperhidrosis including what causes it and how it is diagnosed.

What causes hyperhidrosis and what are the risk factors?

The obvious reason for excessive sweating is overactive sweat gland. Sweating happens when our body needs to cool down a bit. Various neurological processes are involved in sweating. To avoid overheating, our brain sends signals to the sweat gland and thus sweating occurs. This generally happens after a physical activity such as exercise.

However, hyperhidrosis is a condition where a person starts to sweat without any trigger such as heat or exercise. In this condition, sweating happens even when the body temperature has not risen.

Hyperhidrosis majorly affects three body parts which are:

  • Hands or palmoplantar hyperhidrosis
  • Feet or plantar hyperhidrosis
  • Face or craniofacial hyperhidrosis
  • Armpits or axillary hyperhidrosis


Risk factors

  • Family history of hyperhidrosis
  • Certain physical disorders
  • Side effect of specific medicines


What are the symptoms of hyperhidrosis?

Excessive sweating is an obvious sign of hyperhidrosis. People dealing with this condition often had seen sweat dripping from their armpits and body. Their feet and two may always come out looking like a prune. The skin gets red or white patches. Some people complain about peeling of skin and itchiness as well. Hyperhidrosis generally affects both the sides of the body equally. If your left armpit is sweating, your right armpit will sweat as well.

Diagnosis of hyperhidrosis

A few people never observe a specialist for hyperhidrosis since they’re humiliated, which is awful on the grounds that numerous cures are accessible to control unnecessary perspiring.

Note that perspiring alone is certifiably not an indication of hyperhidrosis. In any case, your specialist may analyze this condition if perspiring disturbs your everyday life; for instance in the event that you can’t open a doorknob as a result of sweat-soaked hands, says Moyer.

Your specialist will make inquiries about your therapeutic history, including conditions you’ve been determined to have and meds you presently take.

Your specialist may likewise play out a physical examination and request lab tests. These tests may incorporate a pee and blood test to check for an overactive thyroid or low glucose. The two components can be a hidden explanation behind extreme perspiring.

You may likewise require a perspiration test, which your specialist uses to recognize the parts of your body that encounter unnecessary perspiring. For this test, your specialist applies a fine substance to various territories of your skin. And after some time powder turns purple as you sweat.

Despite the fact that you don’t need to see your family specialist or a dermatologist for this condition, you should make an arrangement if over the top perspiring begins abruptly, or on the off chance that you encounter different side effects, for example, chest torments, sickness, tipsiness, or night sweats. This could demonstrate a genuine therapeutic issue.

Treatment for hyperhidrosis

Extra length deodorant

A decent first line of protection is over-the-counter antiperspirant intended to control unreasonable perspiring. Hyperhidrosis antiperspirant choices incorporate Certain Dri and Secret Clinical Strength. Remember that antiperspirants for unnecessary perspiring ought to be connected before quaint little inn off early in the day. For over the top perspiring all over, your specialist may recommend a topical cream containing glycopyrrolate or anticholinergic materials. Both have an antiperspirant impact.

Qbrexza (glycopyrronium) is an anticholinergic sedated material affirmed for over the top underarm perspiring in individuals age 9 and more established. Utilize a similar fabric for both underarms day by day.

Conceivable symptoms include headache, sore throat, skin dryness, and stinging or consuming. It’s essential to wash your hands with cleanser and water in the wake of utilizing the fabric. Impermanent understudy widening or hazy vision can happen if the drug interacts with your eyes.

Oral medicines

Another alternative is oral glycopyrrolate, which can be taken day by day for essential hyperhidrosis. Shockingly, this medicine can cause symptoms like heart palpitations, oral dryness, and cerebral pains, so talk with your specialist to decide whether it’s appropriate for you.

Different meds used to treat hyperhidrosis incorporate nerve blocking meds, which stop overactive perspiration organs, and in addition antidepressants.


It keeps the release of a compound that flags your perspiration organs to enact, and it’s occasionally secured by protection. Albeit supportive, Botox has potential reactions. These incorporate agony at the infusion site and here and now muscle shortcoming.