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Bimatoprost Ophthalmic
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Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is a common medication for particular types of glaucoma. The solution which is in the form of eye drops is mainly a prostamide analog medication. It is important to note that Bimatoprost does not cure glaucoma or ocular hypertension. What it does is control them. In most cases, you are advised to continue with the medication even when you feel better. Do not discontinue use without consulting the physician first. You can buy Bimatoprost online or from your local chemist.

The increased pressure inside the eyeballs, which can leads to the permanent vision loss if remain untreated is known as Glaucoma. It is a complicated eye disorder which damage the nerve inside eyes connected with brain and this happened because of increased pressure. The permanent cure of the glaucoma is not possible but early treatment with Bimatoprost online is very useful to stop the growth and preserve your vision. You can try also  Latanoprost for the eye.

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How Does Bimatoprost Work

The Lumigan Eye Drops work by maintaining the normal pressure within the eye. In other words, the solution has ocular hypotensive activity in the organ. When the fluid flow within the eye is regulated, then particular kinds of glaucoma and pressure is managed. Glaucoma is a condition where an increase in pressure within the eye leads to permanent vision loss. Bimatoprost eye drop is in a class of medications known as prostaglandin analogs which reduce this ocular pressure. 

Dosage Information of Bimatoprost Eye drop

Bimatoprost always comes in the liquid form. Like with any other medication or eye drop, it is critical you know how to use bimatoprost. This will prevent the problems associated with the medication. The recommended Bimatoprost dose is one drop every day on the affected eye preferably in the evenings. Also, try to instill the solution at the same time every day. Go through the label and request your physician to clarify any information that may be unclear to you. Follow all the directions when using the online Bimatoprost and do not exceed or go below the required dosage. 

Follow the directions when instilling Bimatoprost

Use soap and water to clean your hands

Make sure the dropper tip is not cracked or chipped

Avoid any contact between the dropper tip with your skin or anything else. It is imperative that the dropper is kept clean at all times.

Tilt your head backwards and using the index finger, pull down your eye’s lower rid. This will create a pocket-like space between the eyelid and the eyeball.

The tip down, hold the dropper over the pocket without touching the eye and proceed to gently squeeze the bottle. Make sure that the drop falls on the pocket. The release it and close it for about three minutes.

Then with your finger, apply gentle pressure on the tear duct.

Use a tissue or a piece of clothing to wipe off any excess liquid.

Close the rid tightly and avoid do not wipe it with water.

Wash your hands to get rid of any medication on it.

If a dose is forgotten, it should be instilled as soon as it is remembered. However, if it is too close to the next dose, it should be missed. 

Benefits of Bimatoprost Opthalmic Solution

The most common use of Lumigan Eye Drops is the treatment of glaucoma. However, this solution has other benefits that include the treatment of hypotrichosis. This is where eyelash growth is lacking or is abnormal.

Precautions of Bimatoprost

It is important to note that there are other prescriptions that can interact with Bimatoprost eye drops. In that regard, it is always best to inform your doctor about all the medication that you are taking. This includes all the herbals supplements, minerals and vitamins.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should first consult their doctor before they can proceed with the medication. Mainly, it is not yet known whether Lumigan passes into breast milk and has any effect on the fetus. Therefore, you should deliberate the benefits and risk of Bimatoprost with your physician.

If you have an allergy to Bimatoprost or any other medication, it is best to inform your physician. If you are using any other eye medication leave a gap of five minutes between them. In other words, you should wait five minutes before or after instilling Lumigan. If you suspect any inflammation or a case of a damaged or missing lens, you should tell your doctor. Cases of kidney or liver disease should be reported before using Bimatoprost.

There is benzalkonium chloride within the solution and so if you wear contact lenses, remove them before instilling the solution. Essentially, the lenses absorb benzalkonium chloride and you should wait at least 15 minutes before wearing them back.

If you have an infection or injury or you are expecting a surgery, you should inform the doctor. 

Mild and Serious Side effects

Some of the most common side effects associated with the medication include the following:

Dryness in the eyes

Watering eyes

Irritation/stinging /burning /discomfort in the eye

An increased sensitivity to light

Unstable vision that goes away with time and


Individuals that use Lumigan for a prolonged period may experience a discoloration of the iris on the eye that is under treatment. These side effects can range from a few months to several years. Other permanent changes include a thickness/ blackness of the eyelashes on the eye receiving treatment. Bimatoprost can lead to serious side effects that include the following:

Swelling in the eye


Changes in vision

Redness or redness of the eyelids

Oozing from the eye

Superficial punctate keratitis



Periorbital erythema

Intraocular inflammation and


If you notice any of these side effects, it is recommended you see your physician. 

Warnings of Bimatoprost

If you take a slight overdose, it may not cause any harm. However, if someone you know takes an intentional overdose or excessively uses the medicine, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. If a there is a missed dose, the double dose should not be taken to catch up. This will still amount to an overdose. Never use Bimatoprost to treat or manage other health conditions apart from the indicated ones. Always take extra precaution when purchasing the online bimatoprost solution. 

Safety & Storage

Bimatoprost should be stored appropriately and out of reach of the pets and children. Store the drug at temperatures of between 35 and 77 degrees. Bimatoprost should be kept away from direct light, heat and moisture. The medication should also not be close to the bathroom because of the moisture. Seek the advice of your pharmacist on how you should dispose of Bimatoprost. Do not share the medication with another individual. Bimatoprost is only under prescription eye drop and you can buy from pillsuppliers.com


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