Introduction: What Is Armodafinil?

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The trade name of Armodafinil is nuvigil that is used to help an individual with daytime sleepiness caused by sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy. For those who use a breathing device to sleep at night, Armodafinil is able to aid this device to give the individual using it the sleep that they need at night and keep them awake during the daytime hours. There is a specific class called wakefulness promoting agents and Armodafinil is a smart drug that falls under this class. It has the ability to take control of the natural substances in the human brain that help you to remain awake or to fall asleep. It is a very similar drug like Modafinil 200mg which promotes wakefulness and improves brain function.

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Action Mechanism of Armodafinil

When it comes to Armodafinil medicine, it is basically still unknown how it is able to produce the results that it does. However, in many research studies, it has been found to cause the brain to react in the same way that Modafinil is able to. This gives us some indication that there are similar substances within both of these medicines. That helps the human brain function the way that it does when taking these supplements.

Recommended dosage of Armodafinil

When using the drug Armodafinil, you will be able to find that it comes in tablets of 150mg and 200mg. It is recommended by several researchers, that an adult taking Armodafinil, should take anywhere between 150mg to 250mg once a day in the morning. It is also recommended that anyone who is 18 and under, do not take the drug Armodafinil.

Benefits of Taking Armodafinil Online

First of all, Armodafinil is a non-prescribed drug without any serious side effects. This drug not only treats sleep apnea and narcolepsy but keeps you awake during work time. Apart from that, I will help you to know about more health benefits associated with the intake of Armodafinil. Here is the list of other benefits:-

 - Helps to promote wakefulness

 - Produces an increase of energy

 - Effective in helping conditions such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, work shift sleep disorder and many other types of sleeping conditions

 - Can be used to treat narcolepsy

 - Helps combat symptoms of jet lag, depression, and ADHD

 - Lengthens your attention span

 - Improves focus and concentration

 - Enhances mood and enhances motivation

 - Helps to improve mental connections

 - It is an appetite suppressant which helps with weight loss

Precautions of Armodafinil

When it comes to the drug Armodafinil, it has not yet been approved for pediatric uses; therefore, it should not be used for any type of pediatric diagnosis or treatments. It can also have a negative reaction if it is used with other types of drugs, and you should ask your doctor before you begin taking the supplement Armodafinil.

Probable Side Effects

Just like there is with any type of supplement or drug that you take, Armodafinil does have some mild and serious side effects that come with using this drug. The mild side effects of taking Armodafinil include:

 - Fever

 - Headache

 - Sore throat

 - Rash

 - Dry mouth

 - Upset stomach

 - Anxiety

 - Diarrhea

 - Insomnia

 - Nervousness

 - Dizziness

Long term side effects of Armodafinil

There are some serious side effects that can occur when you take Armodafinil, and these include:-

 - Mood or mental changes

 - Pounding, fast, or irregular heartbeat

 - Hallucinations

 - Thoughts of suicide 

Warnings of Armodafinil

If you decide that you will take Armodafinil online, then you need to be aware of the warnings that come along with this drug. These warnings include:

 - Do not take more than the recommended dose, unless told so by your doctor.

 - Armodafinil does not cure sleeping disorders permanently.

 - Before receiving any dental or medical care, always let the doctor know you are taking Armodafinil 100mg.

 - Do not drink alcohol while taking Armodafinil, it may cause drowsiness.

 - Serious or fatal skin reactions can occur

 - Hormonal birth control may not work if you are taking Armodafinil.

 - Elderly individuals might be more sensitive to the effects of Armodafinil.

 - Talk with your doctor if you are on Armodafinil and become pregnant or are breastfeeding.

Where to Store Armodafinil

When you are storing Armodafinil, you want to be sure that you do so safely and properly. You will need to store it at room temperature, around 68 and 77 degrees, and keep it stored away from light, moisture, and heat. Do not store Armodafinil in the bathroom, and be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets that you might have in your home.

Interaction with Other Drugs

The guideline of interactions that Armodafinil has with other drugs, is a basic guideline that lets you know what the interactions are with other drugs, and which ones that you can use or cannot use when taking Armodafinil. The drugs that you are able to combine with Armodafinil, and will have a beneficial effect on the body include: -

- Wellbutrin

- Adderall - Vitamin B12

- Vitamin D3

- Asprin

- Fish oil

- Cymbalta

- Provigil

- Synthroid

- Lyrica

- Lexapro 


In conclusion, when it comes to the drug like Armodafinil, there are so many beneficial aspects of using this drug to help promote wakefulness throughout the day time. It will help those who suffer from ailments such as sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, work shift sleep disorder, and several other types of sleeping issues. When you take this drug, you will be able to feel a boost in your energy, a balance in your weight, an alert and awake feeling, mentally focused, a better concentration, and you will be able to get the things done that you need to throughout the day time.

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